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For a quality cocoa, traceable and with a strong social and environmental impact

Launched in Gabon in December 2021, the CAcao PREmium GAbonais (CAPREGA) project between CAISTAB (Gabon) and KAKAOMUNDO (France) aims to achieve the agro-ecological and agro-technological transition of cocoa farming in Gabon. Through the Kakaomundo technological innovation integrated into Gabonese cocoa production processes, CAPREGA seeks to practice climate-friendly agriculture and also to improve the living and working conditions of rural populations.

The Kakaomundo program aims to create high quality and sustainable cocoa and chocolate through the use of digital tools (developed at the Serre Numérique de Valenciennes). 
We work with our agricultural partners and provide the technology to improve the quality of their cocoa beans. 

A team working for a better chocolate

One of our main goals is to use technological innovation to address the various challenges facing the cocoa industry. Our roadmap with farmers includes the use of different devices and technologies ranging from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to the use of mobile apps, blockchain and more.

Kakao Mundo is dedicated to creating a better social and environmental impact for farmers and workers in the cocoa industry. We talk with our farmer partners and decide together on impactful projects related to children's education, women's empowerment, farmers' working conditions and the environment.
These projects are accessible to consumers via QR codes on our chocolate packaging. KakaoMundo and its partners ensure that the project with the most votes for the period is realized!

So don't wait any longer! Purchase one of our product , scan the QR Code on the packaging and vote for the project you support.

Supporting the farmers

Purchasing the farmer's quality product

Traceability guaranteed on each cocoa beans bag

Quality control check before producing chocolate

Join our program for your CSR


Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Bakeries & Pastries

You want to discover our chocolate products for professionals and let your customers scan and vote for the KakaoMundo project they prefer. You will love your personalized landing page. 

Distributors & Stores

You want to discover our chocolate products  and let your customers scan and vote for the projects that is close to their hearts. 


Your company shares the same value as us and you would like to be part of the Kakomundo Ethical projects, by letting your employees scan and vote the QR codes on the chocolate gifts you offered to them.

Our Partners

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