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Our projects

We are supporting sustainable cocoa and chocolate practices. Putting the future in our hands by supporting sustainable farming of cocoa and natural chocolate making.

Our climate is changing, then why not us? We at KakaoMundo know that we need to create and use sustainable farming practices in agriculture, this is the only way. We work hand by hand with local communities and partner to implement quality natural practices to improve cocoa farming, nurturing our mother earth and also providing higher income to cocoa planters. Sustainability and giving back is part of our core, for that we invite you to vote! Via our interactive packaging, consumers have a chance to vote and use their voice to support the campaign closer to their hearts.

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LATEST WINNING PROJECT : School Kits for Mveil.

Take a look at our first donation campaign in the cocoa community of Mveil (Banner above) where we provided much needed school supplies to over 30 families, just in time for the back to school season.

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Plant 200 trees to reforest a deforested area (old plantations) in the village of Mveil in Moyen Ogooué. The agricultural village of Mveil has several areas without trees, from old food and cocoa plantations. It is an agricultural village with about thirty families (about 120 inhabitants). The inhabitants live mainly from the sale of products grown in their banana plantations, cassava, tarot etc. 

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PROJECT 2 : School Kits for a cooperative in Mveil.

Kakaomundo's project to support farming communities by providing lots of school supplies to young school children in the Mveil region. Their inhabitants live mainly from the sale of products grown in their banana plantations, cassava, tarot etc. Several people from their community have had to work with us to provide some of the quality beans used for Bantoo chocolate. These people are part of the Kakaomundo farmers' network and thus can benefit from its social program. 

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PROJECT 3 : Training for solutions against Malaria.

Malaria is the main cause of death in the countries that produce our cocoa, the rural populations of farmers are also direct victims of this plague. We collaborate with the teams of the association La Maison de l'Artemisia Gabon to set up courses and on site training for the farming communities of the Kakaomundo network so that they can get better solution and best practices to fight against Malaria.

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“Whenever possible we like to sponsor youth events in the biggest chocolate consuming countries in order to make them aware of our noble cause... They represent the future”

Sebastien Ayimambenwe, Co Founder

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“Their quality chocolates are good in your mouth and for the planet. It is always a pleasure to have them participate in our events”

Sophie , Event partner


Program's for youth in producing countries

Whenever our finances allow us , we love to sponsor events such as Christmas party's and Easter in school. If you feel like joining us on this adventure , purchase one of these items and 100% of the profit will go for the organisation of an event in one of our partners schools.

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