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Kakaomundo Journey starts in 2009, from the initiatives of African and Latin American farmers that were faced with a problematic that affects every small farmer: little or no access to the right equipment, the rigors of physical labor, the challenges of maintaining the quality and responsible processing of our product, and perhaps most critically, a bleak return on investment...

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...this is how the idea of KakaoMundo chocolate was born, we concentrated on developing a useful platform focusing on quality and traceability which would help us get a fair price for our crops and chocolate. While doing so, we decided to share and collaborate with other small farmers who were going through the same issues and most importantly we wanted to help each other and the community we are part of. Through this first stage, we collected a ton of data on our farming partners, the government, and how things work. Now a few years later,we continue to evolve our platform adding more partners and fine tuning our chocolate making processes. We are expanding our footprint of partners,increasing our socially responsible projects and community efforts. Our ultimate goal is to use our education,the data and technology to push the industry to be more transparent, pay a fair price for cacao and support small farmers  

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