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Kakaomundo is a French start up that produces cocoa beans and chocolate that is committed to the environment. Thanks to the use of its technology and its partnership with the CAISTAB of Gabon, Kakaomundo works as close as possible to the farmers in order to guarantee to the consumers the traceability, the quality and the ethics of its chocolate. 

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The Gabonese cocoa bean is an exceptional bean from a rich and varied land. The beautiful biodiversity of Gabon has a direct impact on the exceptional natural notes found in its beans. Gabon, 88% of which is covered by virgin forest, is full of treasures for our palates. Kakaomundo and its partners have made it their mission to make you discover them.

Thanks to the know-how of the Gabonese farmers who by tradition are always willing to preserve their natural environment while producing quality cocoa, we are pleased to offer you this chocolate that is good for mankind and for the climate.

With this " Chocolate for the Climate " Limited Edition « Discover Gabon »  Make your palate travel and discover the different lands and regions of Gabon from which they come. 

To find out more about our chocolate product please visit Bantoo chocolate point of sales

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