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KAKAOMUNDO bringing sustainability and change to the COCOA & CHOCOLATE world

to Our World

Kakaomundo program aims at creating a top quality and sustainable cocoa and chocolate with the use of digital tools.

We partner side by side with farmers to provide knowledge and technology to increase the quality of their cocoa beans . We believe that by creating lasting social change we can create a better world for all.


We provide tools to our network of farmers in order to capture important data during the fermentation and drying process to ensure the best quality control and best flavors in the cocoa beans.


KakaoMundo aims at having 100% of their cocoa lots fully traceable and with transparent data throughout the process of production in cocoa producing countries. We work together with our farmers to record data during important steps of the cocoa lifecycle to ensure a full transparency for the end consumers.


We want to create a more sustainable model where farmers not only get a fair price for their cocoa but also where they can also benefits from the good will of chocolate consumers that will participate to the realization of projects via scanning our chocolate QR code packaging and voting for a project.

Bringing Technology for a more sustainable cocoa industry.

Using innovation to tackle the various challenges existing in the cocoa industry is one of our main goal. Our roadmap with the farmers include the use of different devices and technologies going from internet of Things (IoT) sensors, use of mobile apps, blockchain and others.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to change the world. We want deliver a more transparent and sustainable model for the cacao lifecycle that will deliver top quality chocolate to our consumers and provide fair compensation to farmers. 

Jonathan and Sebastien Ayimambenwe , co-founders

Social and Environmental ethic at the core of our business

Kakao Mundo is dedicated in creating a better social and environmental impact for farmers and workers in the cocoa industry. We discuss with our farmers partners and decide together the projects that would help them the most and that are related to children education , women empowerment, farmers work conditions and environment.
These projects are accessible via our chocolate packagings QR Codes and KakaoMundo makes sure the project with the most votes for the period gets realized!

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Want to take part in our ethical projects

We are an environmentally friendly and socially responsible cocoa and chocolate makers and we are looking toward expanding our footprint and increasing the positive impact we create on our farmers lives and environment. You and your organization can join forces to achieve this together, reach out to us and discover your personalized landing pages and packaging 

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Our Latest News

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